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3 Reasons Mystino Welcome Bonus Is Great

No strict withdrawal conditions

There are no strict withdrawal requirements for Mystino Cash Bonuses, Free Spins and Deposit Bonus Daily Spins.

You can withdraw money as soon as you win!

There is no withdrawal requirement, so if you win using cash bonus or spin, you can withdraw as it is!

The daily bonus increase of the deposit bonus continues for seven consecutive days!

At Mystino, you can get daily deposit bonus daily spins from the day of registration, but the number of spins will increase greatly for 7 days from registration!

In the case of Mystino, there are no strict withdrawal conditions!

Assume that you have received a bonus of $40. Although this seems valuable at first glance, if the withdrawal condition is using 50 times this bonus, that means you won't be able to make a withdrawal no matter how much you win unless you wager $2000 in games. If you were to bet $1, you would have to play 2000 times. Let’s say this withdrawal condition is applied to free spins as well. If you use 20 free spins and win $20, you would not be able to withdraw this unless you placed bets for $1000, supposing the withdrawal condition is using 50 times the winnings from the free spin. Playing like that is no fun, right?

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Free spin
>20~50 times
1 time
>20~50 times

For example, you can withdraw your winnings up to $100 from the $10 cash bonus and registration free spins to which you are entitled by signing up, as long as you use the $10! (a deposit must be made)

Although the welcome offers at Mystino may be modest and simple at first glance, we are considering how much the player will enjoy the games first and foremost, so we are focused on ease and simplicity.

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    Daily free spins

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